Anastasia Belous

The Largest Wall

In June 2018 I have been invited by the Elite Tennis Club - great place just outside of Odessa where champions train, to paint a themed mural - featuring the seascape and tennis player. 

The wall was 28 metres high and the largest canvas I have ever worked on. 

What I have learned? The tennis player has to be pictured having correct technique of serving the ball - something the artist in me have overlooked while thinking about the image in the sketch stage prioritising aesthetics to the technique. So we have changed the tennis player two times already in the process of painting the mural, and to everybody’s joy - we have selected the local tennis champion and trainer in the club to be the model for the wall. Here my portrait skills didn’t let me down and he is now a local celebrity with everybody having recognised the model even from the back on the mural.

I was very happy to have been invited to do this project, and have learned new challenges of working with large walls. It is physically exhausting - I work both with exterior paints and spray paints, and covering large part of the wall to in single colour can give you stronger triceps. And bring you free tennis lessons along the way :) 

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