Anastasia Belous

Flying High - Late Mural in Odessa

In September 2018 I was invited to paint the wall in the new residential complex in Odessa called ArtVille, which is located very near the famous market 7 kilometre. This wall took 7 days to complete and is called “Close Dreams”. It shows the young girl being happily flying on the swing followed by the tail of flowers. She is young, jolly and the bright future is ahead of her - this is the image that both me and the client wished to create promoting the credos of the new residential complex being built.

The girl is not a fictional character and the main challenge here was to capture portrait features on such a large scale. Additionally it was difficult to work on the south side of the building under the burning sun, with it reflecting off the freshly painted white wall adding to the challenging painting process.

This project has received quite good coverage in the local and national media, thanks to the work itself, the residential village pr team, the famous location of the wall, and the recent wave of fashion for murals in Ukraine. 

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